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Software Engineer Intern (m/f/d)



Software Engineering
Munich, Germany
Posted on Saturday, February 3, 2024
Your mission

How you can contribute

Join our ambitious engineering team with the option to specialize in full-stack, frontend, or backend development and play a pivotal role in shaping cutting-edge software for industrial mid-sized companies. As an engineering intern, you'll contribute to critical technical decisions, deliver value to customers, and immerse yourself in a dynamic team culture. Gain hands-on experience in frameworks, tools, data models, and scalability, guided by a personal mentor dedicated to your learning and growth. Elevate your skills and make a real impact in one of our engineering roles as seen below:

Your responsibilities:

  • Build an enterprise app with a user-friendly interface, intuitive functionality, and consumer-grade appeal.
  • Develop scalable front-end and backend components in collaboration with the product team.
  • Design and iterate prototypes for efficient user testing.
  • Prioritize usability and accessibility, empathizing with users to deliver value.
  • Translate customer requirements into software solutions and user experiences.
  • Apply strong software development skills to create robust and performant software.
  • Define and refine the domain model and business logic for a complex enterprise app.
  • Assess implementation effort and complexity for future roadmap planning.
  • Develop backend structures and APIs for multiple customers.
  • Contribute to system architecture decisions for a solid B2B SaaS application.
  • Write clean, maintainable code with thorough testing for seamless collaboration.

If you are passionate about contributing to a fast-growing tech startup, shaping innovative products, and enhancing user experiences, we invite you to apply for our software engineering internship positions. Let us know if you want to specialize in fullstack, frontend or backend. Join us in building the future of procurement software for industrial SMEs!
Your profile

Let's talk about you

We’re looking for a talented intern in software engineering with the option to specialize in full-stack development, frontend, or backend to help us build the vision of making supply chains digital, efficient, and sustainable for our customers. Now you may wonder what frameworks, tools, and languages you need to master. We believe that problem-solving, creativity, and drive are more important than tools that can be picked up. However, the following references will give a guideline of what experiences we think might be helpful for the respective internship areas:

  • Experience in developing a RESTful API, preferably with frameworks like FastAPI.
  • Familiar with frontend libraries and frameworks such as Next, React, Zustand, React Hook Form, and more.
  • Being able to apply component libraries like Material UI, extending applications with custom components.
  • Proficient in object-oriented programming languages, especially Python.
  • Ability to design a data model and set up a database, with knowledge of systems like PostgreSQL.
  • Experience in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, with expertise in TypeScript for Frontend Engineering.
  • Knowledgeable in deploying applications to cloud services like Azure, GCP, or AWS.
  • You are open to collaborate and learn together with other developers (backend and devops) for truly interdisciplinary work

If you want to focus on either frontend or backend, let us know in your application. We know that perfect candidates don’t exist and thus don't have specific "minimum qualifications". We’d love to learn more about you and care about your motivation and drive to shape the industrial future with us.

Our Tech Stack

  • Backend: Python, FastAPI, SQL Alchemy, Alembic, Pydantic, Pytest, …
  • Frontend: TypeScript, NextJS, Zustand, Material UI, React Hook Form, …
  • DB: PostgreSQL
  • Data: Python, Prefect, Pandas, …
  • Cloud: Azure
  • Other: GitHub, GitHub Actions, Dependabot, Pre-commit, Mozilla SOPS, …
It is not expected to be completely familiar with each and every aspect of our tech stack.
Other technologies that we enjoy discussing and encourage in the team:
  • Backend: Golang, Rust
  • Frontend: Vue / Nuxt, Svelte / Svelte Kit, Tailwind, Bun, tRPC, …
  • Linux: Nix, Arch, Ubuntu, i3, …
  • Other: LLMs, LMMs, NeoVim Configs, …

About us
What we do
We are Tacto, a Munich-based startup with a mission to create digital, efficient, and sustainable supply chains. The European economic backbone, 90 thousand mid-sized industrial companies known as the ‘Mittelstand’, faces significant threats from supply chain disruptions and bureaucracy. Tacto is the answer: A supply chain operating system designed for mid-sized industrial organizations. Our AI-based software streamlines all procurement workflows, effortlessly ensures compliant and sustainable supply chains, and enables efficient material sourcing with optimal conditions.

Why it matters:
  • Powering the industry that builds the world: We create a new wave of innovation by lifting Europe’s industrial backbone with tens of millions of workers to the digital era
  • Enabling powerful business collaboration: We enable powerful collaboration among supplier networks as the basis for future economic growth
  • Saving resources in supply chains: We optimize the 50-80% of costs and emissions of physical products originating from suppliers to enhance sustainable growth
Why you should consider joining:
  1. Timing: Our product manages hundreds of millions of € of material to manufacture physical products from bread cutters to medical technology. The Industrial Mittelstand trusts us and we are ready to scale! Join us to shape the future of our organization & product!
  2. Top investors believe in us: We are supported by first-class investors such as Sequoia Capital, Index Ventures, Cherry Ventures, Visionaries Club, UVC Partners as well as the founders of Personio, GetYourGuide, Helsing & Forto. Join us to show them they invested wisely!
  3. Team: We are an interdisciplinary and international team that is highly motivated to succeed, but loves to laugh. Join us to grow personally as well as professionally, accelerated by our supportive culture that includes everyone.
  4. Impact: We are reshaping industrial procurement, which is the biggest value driver of manufacturing companies - there is no physical product in the world without procurement involved. Join us to future-proof the most important economic sector in Germany with over 10 million employees.
Why us:
Apart from the people, our culture, and mission, we offer you a workplace with above-average compensation and a high level of personal responsibility. It's important for us to create an environment in which you can grow professionally and personally.
  • Your vacation: 26 paid vacation days per year + christmas & silvester.
  • Your office: We embrace an office culture, and all our employees enjoy coming to our beautiful office at Königsplatz in Munich. However, you also have the flexibility to work remotely at times. Our guideline is 3-4 days in the office and 1-2 days working from home.
  • Your setup: Choose your preferred equipment and work environment – whether it's Mac, Windows, or Linux. We want you to feel comfortable.
  • Your team: We are growing and have fun together with team lunches, coffee dates, chess games, bouldering sessions, and more – everything is optional, no pressure.
  • Your safe space: We believe that a diverse workplace where different voices are heard makes us stronger.
  • Your health: We provide company health insurance (if you are new to the German work environment) and offer you a membership in the Urban Sports Club or Wellpass.