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PPA Originator

Reel Energy

Reel Energy

Posted on Thursday, January 18, 2024

How You Can Contribute

The impact you will make

In your role as Reel’s new PPA Originator, you will work closely with Jon, our CEO, and Anders, our CCO. Your core responsibilities will center around the sourcing and structuring of PPAs directly with renewable energy developers. Applying our transformative PPA approach, you will play a crucial role in realizing more solar and wind projects.

What You Will Work On

  • Refine and innovate on Reel’s contractual PPA framework. All our contracts are meticulously drafted in-house, supported by our legal partners. In this role, you will be deeply involved in this process, contributing significantly to the development and enhancement of our standard PPA contracts.

  • Enhance and refine our in-house PPA pricing models, which are essential for evaluating and determining PPA prices. Focus on incorporating a range of parameters, including tenor, profile, and technology, to ensure our pricing strategy is both competitive and reflective of current market dynamics.

  • Lead Reel’s overall PPA strategy towards renewable energy developers. You will work with us to fundamentally transform how PPAs are done and ensure that our PPAs stand out as the most attractive option available in the market for renewable energy developers.

  • Proactively source, structure and negotiate PPAs to meet the growing demand from our pipeline of corporate customers at all times.

  • Conduct in-depth analyses and critically evaluate potential PPA opportunities, focusing on essential aspects such as commercial terms, project risks, and environmental considerations.

  • Maintain our extensive network of renewable energy developers. This requires a high degree of key account management, and responsibilities include preparing customized content and traveling for in-person meetings to ensure strong, ongoing relationships.

  • Actively expand our network of renewable energy developers in Denmark and key markets in Europe. You will pitch our offering to new renewable energy developers and participate in renewable energy conferences.

  • Collaborate with banks and other PPA stakeholders (e.g. on credit rating and guarantee requirements).